Reiki-An Introduction

Reiki has its origin in Japan and can be thought of as synonymous to complete relaxation. It is considered as a form of treatment based on the principle of a ‘universal energy’. This invisible source of energy is transferred from a Reiki practitioner to a patient to enable physical or emotional healing. If you can develop faith in this life force energy, then Reiki is for you.

Reiki Technique

Reiki Healing uses the technique called palm healing to cure the illness affecting a person. In this method, the practitioner transfers the energy from his palm to the patient and the result is amazing. The patient experiences a deep relaxation not to be found elsewhere. It is the success of this treatment that has made it popular.

Reiki stresses on the concept of an energy that flows through us. If this energy is low, we tend to feel more stressed out. If it is high, our life becomes so colourful that we remain happy and healthy no matter what. Many believe that for a successful life, one needs to be physically, intellectually and spiritually rich. The spiritual richness along with a general well-being in the body, mind and emotions is offered by Reiki. The experiences of thousands of people around the world support this truth.

There is this interesting story of a person who was diagnosed with heart attack before he met a Reiki practitioner after a few days. She sent Reiki to him and he remembers being so calm and emotional that he could not hold his tears. He felt as if a heavy burden was lifted off his body. Later, when he went to the doctor, he was astonished to find that there was no trace of a heart attack. This is just one person’s experience and you can find many who have relieved their emotional and physical pains by Reiki. You can very well imagine if Reiki can help in such grave situations, then what kind of difference it can bring into your daily life.

What one experiences during a Reiki Session varies from person to person. But, one thing is common here. There happens a flow of energy that transcends the principles of science. This energy is actually something we have inherent in us. But, we fail to realize this and often do not tap it. Reiki helps to fully use this spiritual energy to heal ourselves deeply. It is a natural healing therapy that stimulates our mind and body to feel good. This makes it easy to forget all our worries and stresses that we are used to live with. Reiki spreads to every area of our life and gives a soothing touch we sometimes crave for.

When you take up a Reiki Course, you are attuned to your Higher Self, Energy from the universe starts flowing through your hands. In level 1, you can heal yourself while after completing the 2nd level; you become capable of treating others too. What’s more, you can even heal people sitting across the seven seas. So, if you want to heal someone staying in the US, it is possible to do so.

The relaxing nature of Reiki brings about happiness and contentment in people who feel isolated from the world. While it promises relaxation to the body, it gives peace and tranquillity to the mind. It assists you to have positive lifestyles to boost your well-being and be focused in what you do. But, remember to resort to Reiki as a supplementary healing therapy along with the treatment advised by doctors. What better way to serve the humanity than to help people recognize their true self and heal their physical and emotional issues.