Reiki has its origin in Japan and can be thought of as synonymous to complete relaxation.

It has been eleven years since we first experienced the divine energy called Reiki. Till then, like everybody, we were also striving to get all that exist in this materialistic world and amazingly thought it to be the perfect thing to do. But, last eleven years have really changed everything. Reiki has given us a very deep sense of being. It has shown us the path to explore the connection between true self and universal life force energy. We feel blessed that with every passing day, our awareness regarding what we are and why we are is increasing. It is difficult to measure all this on a scale but, it is happening for sure.

For almost a decade now, we have dedicated our lives to the divine energy and offered our existence to be a channel between Reiki and the people who come to us with various problems that include physical as well as emotional problems. We feel immense pleasure when we see changes in them and the happiness in their expressions. Besides this, we are gaining a lot both physically and spiritually.

We have decided to share our learning with all who wish to gain from it. Conducting Reiki classes has given us the best way to do it. The objective of our life is to see people grow physically, emotionally and spiritually with the help of this amazing therapy and energy called Reiki. We are striving to see people lead a healthy, peaceful life full of love. We are grateful to god for choosing us for this priceless mission and seek almighty’s blessings so that we can continue to work for this mission forever.


Reiki Master/Teacher and Past Life Regressionist