Forgiveness through Reiki

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July 25, 2017
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Reiki- Power of Unseen Energies

One of the various powerful methods of healing by channelizing the energies of human being is Reiki. The principles off Reiki can heal both physical and emotional imbalance and purify you by navigating energy in the correct direction. This simple sounding practice takes a lot of time to master and you must believe in it to see the results.

This Japanese technique believes in concealed energies running through human body which are termed as “life force energy” and is used to relieve tension and de-stress. This technique not only purifies your body but also cleanses your soul.

Forgiveness with Reiki

Reiki practice freshen your soul by asking you to practice things differently, which primarily asks to refine yourself. One such practice taught in Reiki is forgiveness. Before you understand how it is done you must understand what is forgiveness?

You need forgiveness, as you hold hatred, blame, grudges and negative feelings against someone. Till the time you stick to it you are always in a state which will keep you reminding the reasons for your emotional trauma. You will keep that person responsible for hurting you. And when, you will decide to let go what that person did to you, or what happened, that state of mind will be referred to as “Forgiveness”.

Reiki on the contrary asks you to follow and cleanse yourself by channelizing your life force energy and detach yourself from the feeling of hatred and blame. It asks you to first have the intent to forgive that person, your willingness to stop thinking about the incident and do not clinch to the feeling of negative thoughts. It asks you to free yourself from all these and define a line where you should follow a statement which says-“so far so good but not anymore”!

Healing Touch-Reiki

The principles of Reiki, that you must sanitize yourself is powerful enough to make you realize of the glowing “life force energies” inside you. The blame and bitterness can reform into unpredictable anger and criminality. Therefore, just forgetting the person for what he did and how he did will not resolve the situation and might remain inside your as tumour. Reiki asks you to practice and get out of this vicious cycle of blame and hate so that you are free forever and do not need any forgiveness.

Though it might seem simple and thoughtful, practicing the above can be difficult for many. But with regular practice and expert guidance forgiveness can be achieved.

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