Our Journey So Far- Kaajal and Nitin Ahuja

As Reiki masters our journey towards being so, is totally destiny driven. Today we not only help others realise their positive source of energy but also acquaint them about their past lives. Our journey towards Reiki inclination has been a feat of our life. We are much more content and happier!

Many a times clients ask us “How did you get into Reiki?” it’s a big question for us to answer as it takes us back to the memory lane of our first visit to Reiki healers,  we feel its been a long and surprising journey. The time we first visited Reiki Healer for a physical problem, we had no idea what Reiki was. We had no idea what Reiki was and what effect it would have on us, but after taking 3-4 sessions, our inclination and curosity towards this immaculate therapy started to multiply.  As our sessions continued, the respected healer suggested us that we take Reiki attunement. Though initially reluctant, we gradually convinced ourselves to go for it.

We were introduced to our respected guruji and after that day what happened next was totally unexpected. We not only felt relaxed and calm but also rejuvenated. We could feel the energy flowing from our head to root, and with every session of ours, the flow of energy was multiplying. Being attuned to Reiki was a journey to the greater level of peace, happiness, and contentment.

After experiencing the amazing healing power of Reiki we went on to become Reiki masters and learned magnified healing, violet flame reiki, Karuna Reiki and many other forms of healings.  This change in us was so powerful that both of us left our respective working fields and decided to take Reiki as our full-time professions. We wanted to serve others as much as possible and to use this special power of Reiki. Before starting, we went on to become Past life Regression therapist. Now for the last 10 years, we are into healing and have done many regressions with a long list of amazing and unbelievable results. Reiki is beneficial in different concerns such as physical, spiritual and emotional issues.

Now we have totally imbibed Reiki into us and every morning when we go to the centre, we pray to God to give us the wisdom and dedication to continue in this field forever. We thank God for diverting our lives to this path where we are slowly but surely evolving within ourselves and moreover, many people are benefited by this divine energy and evolving through us. We are so grateful to Reiki as it is the gift of life. We owe our life to Reiki!