Past life regression

We have lived many lives before and what we are now is a collective representation of all our past existences. All the thoughts, beliefs, experiences and impressions from all our lifetimes are stored in our subconscious mind. Taking into consideration these, one can very well imagine the vast range of thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, feelings and emotions that we are carrying now. All of these are of two types, love based and fear based. The love based part accounts for the positivity in us whereas the fear based part accounts for the negativity in us. Negativity has a corresponding negative impact on our body and mind. All ailments are invariably caused by persistent negativity. If we can remove the negativity by going to the root causes, ailments of the body and mind can be cured. This also helps to heal relationships and assists us in our spiritual growth. Past life regression therapy is a wonderful tool to help people realize the above truths and thereby overcome the physical or emotional problems that they are facing in the present birth. If we see this therapy in a broader perspective, it is based on the principles of cause and effect (Law of Karma). Something that has been set in motion at some time in the past results in a corresponding effect on a person’s present physical, emotional, mental or spiritual well being at this moment. This cause may be a past desire, a past feeling, a past emotion, a past vow, a past evasion, a past decision or a past traumatic experience. Reaching out to the root cause with the help of past life regression therapy, one can be benefitted. Past life regression helps in:-
• Healing chronic diseases
• Overcoming fears and phobias
• Improving one’s inter-personal relationships
• Freeing us from the fear of death once and for all